Bachelor of what?

June 2, 2017

Whenever I tell people I’m studying nutrition they always ask what exactly I’m up to, so I thought I’d share some background to my degree and what its all about.

Telling everyone I’m studying a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine can be a bit of a mouthful and to keep it simple I usually just say it’s a degree in nutrition, but what does that mean exactly, well let me explain…

I’ve been a student at Endeavour College in Sydney since the beginning of January 2015. I spent the first 12 months studying part time and last year took the plunge to study full time and work part time. I’m now another semester down and have one year left to go.. the countdown is ON !!

So here I am, getting to follow my dream to study nutrition and I absolutely LOVE IT. I’m not gonna lie.. it’s hard and there is an overwhelming amount work and I’ve also waved goodbye to my social life, but what I’m learning makes it worthwhile.

Before I started this degree I did some pretty thorough research into courses and colleges and going into it I was well aware that I’d picked one of the tougher courses because its so science heavy and for someone who pretty much failed science at school, the prospect of studying chemistry was pretty daunting and its been challenging and there’s been a lot of self doubt, but I’m really proud of what I’ve achieved so far.


Chemistry aside though, this degree is so much more than just food and the body. I have studied human biology, medicinal food science, pathology and clinical science, nutritional biochemistry, clinical nutritional medicine, pharmacology and so many more. This course covers the detail, I now know how to read scientific journals, how to find the latest research and interpret it. We learn how to look at every case individually from a completely holistic level and we learn in detail about the absorption and distribution of macro and micronutrients and how nutrients can be used at therapeutic levels to help reverse disease and the more I learn, the more fascinated I am.

Bachelor of Health Science Content

Food can change your life

So where will that leave me once I’ve finished? Well I’ll be a fully qualified nutritionist. I will be qualified to give advice on how you can use food as the most natural source of medicine available. I will be qualified to assess your diet and provide recommendations to improve your health and lifestyle using the latest scientific research available. Heart disease is the number one cause of death world wide and food can essentially kill you or cure you and food as medicine is such a massively exciting area. It all depends on the choices you make and the more I learn, the more I’ll be sharing with you.

My best recommendation when engaging with a nutrition professional is to check out their credentials, there are so many different courses out there and I’m confident that I’m learning at a level that will enable me to provide the best possible advice in the future and I’m really excited to share my journey with you.

Want to learn more about my course? you can find out more here.  If you’ve got any questions or comments about my course and my studies, I’d love to hear from you.


Amy Savage is a qualified Nutritionist with a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine and is available for consultations online and in Sydney CBD. Email for further details. 



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