Client Testimonials

Amy Savage Nutrition

“I found Amy to be extremely approachable and professional, just what you need when discussing your eating habits! I now have a much better and rested nights sleep and know how to manage stress much more easily. It was also great to have some meal suggestions that I could fit into my lifestyle. I would highly recommend Amy, she really takes time to understand you and your lifestyle and issues.”



“I attended a clinic with Amy in an attempt to resolve some ongoing digestive issues. 
The first thing that stuck me was her warm nature which made it much easier to openly discuss what would ordinarily be an embarrassing topic. 
Amy was such a good listener that she actually opened my eyes to the underlying causes I had been totally unaware of prior to our meeting, such as the impact of my strenuous routine. 
Amy was also able to highlight a problem with my menstrual cycle which I had completely disregarded. Upon referral to my GP for follow up blood tests I have now begun resolving this. 
Amy outlined a holistic approach encompassing eating styles, times and supplements as well as changes in routine and attitude. I can not recommend her highly enough.” 



“Amy was simply great. In the first session we just spent most of the time talking about my lifestyle and daily routine. While talking she was just writing down everything and once we set a goal and a deadline she gave me few simple guidelines to follow for my meals. Long story short in 5 weeks I reached the weight loss goal, I’ve built more muscle I’m full of energy and I never felt better. Thank You Amy!”



“Amy was excellent in providing me the nutrition advice I needed to change up my diet, advising what foods I needed to eat more of, what a balanced meal looks like and also providing me with healthy snack options instead of turning to the convenient and unhealthy foods when hunger strikes. I now no longer feel sluggish and feel happier in myself having the correct nutritional knowledge to live a healthier life.”



”I had a great experience with Amy. Unlike many nutritionists who seem to be focused on their own agenda, Amy took the time to understand my goals, lifestyle and what I felt was going to be realistic. She came up with an eating plan that was simple, didn’t require a long list of changes and could be easily incorporated into my busy lifestyle. I also really appreciated Amy’s post consultation follow up. She genuinely wants to ensure that what she has prescribed is working and she has made some suggestions along the way to so I continue to achieve the desired results. Thanks to Amy I feel fitter, have more energy and my skin is the best its been for a long time. I can’t recommend Amy highly enough.” 



“Amy has been invaluable on my journey of health and well being. She has helped me look and food in a different way to help heal my gut. Changing a diet can be scary especially when you have been in bad habits for a very long time. Amy supported and continues to support me to embrace healthy eating  and you would not believe the difference it has made to my energy levels and glowing skin.

Most importantly Amy has helped me feel good about myself and my progress, I feel more confident than ever thanks to her.

Best investment you’ll make on yourself and your health”



“I went to see Amy with nothing particularly ‘wrong’, more as someone who works long hours in an office environment, exercises daily and is often miffed by all the conflicting diet and health advise I get from a myriad of ‘experts’. Amy provided excellent insights into what is myth vs what is a good idea to maintain a healthy balance. She is both professional in the advice she gives and relaxed in the sense that I did not feel bad about the fact that a wine and chocolate as much a part of my diet as a head of broccoli is. Amy also recommended specific supplements which would help me achieve my health goals, specifically a supplement to ensure I get a good night’s restful sleep when leaving the office late which has definitely worked. “