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Unsure if you’re getting the right nutrients in your diet?

A Dietary Analysis Consultation is a perfect way to analyse and highlight any nutrient excesses or deficiencies. We can all sometimes get stuck in the habit of eating the same foods all of the time and that can impact our macronutrient intake (carbohydrates, fats, protein, water) and our micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).

If nutrient intake is unbalanced, this can affect everyday function including energy, sleep and digestive health.

Too much of one thing might be a good thing, but for other aspects of our diet, such as trans or saturated fats, it isn’t and a Dietary Analysis Consultation will help you identify any necessary changes to your diet to help you meet with your goals.

How does a Dietary Analysis Consultation work?

Once your Dietary Analysis Consultation is confirmed, you will receive an email with instructions on how to complete your diet diary. You will need to download an app (free via iTunes) and keep a complete diary of all foods, snacks and drinks consumed for a period of 7 days.

Once I have received your completed diet diary, I will prepare a report showing a detailed breakdown of macronutrients and micronutrients. Once your diet has been analysed we will meet for a 1-hour consultation and talk through your dietary analysis and I will highlight any nutrient excesses and deficiencies and will provide advice and tips to help you have a healthy and balanced diet.

Following the consultation, you will receive a copy of your full report and breakdown via email, as well as any additional information to help you achieve your goals.


Complete a 7-day diet diary and receive a full nutrient analysis and report via email within 48 hours with my personalised recommendations and suggestions to help you have a healthy, balanced diet and meet the recommended daily intake of nutrients. Nutrient deficiencies can be detrimental to our health, for example, are you getting enough magnesium in your diet? This is essential to help support the nervous system and plays an important part in sleep and stress.

This report is the perfect way to gain insights into your own health and all this for a special price of just $39.95 (AUD).


Dietary Analysis (1 hour)$110.00
Dietary Analysis Follow-Up (40 mins) $90.00
**SPECIAL** Dietary Analysis Report & Recommendations $39.95

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**Private health fund rebates available for the mobile clinic consultations only with Australian Unity, CBHS, GU Health & NIB (claim directly with your provider). At this stage, I am unable to offer health fund rebates for online consultations.

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